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4 Dog-Friendly (and 1 Embarrassing) Ideas to Help You Survive Winter

Hi! Tucker here!

It’s January and you know what that means!

The holidays are over. My doggy gifts have been chewed. And cold weather has set in. Brrr!

I’m going a little stir-crazy so my mom is looking for dog-friendly activities to help me stay out of trouble.

After doing a little bit of checking, she found 5 dog-friendly ideas to try out … and we thought we’d share them with you.

#1. Travel with Your Dog

small white dog in suitcase ready to travel

Traveling is fun. I love to see new places. Meet new people. And make new friends.

Staying at any of these 3 amazing places … where they welcome dogs AND give us lots of room to play outside with our humans … would be fabulous.

#2. Play At Home with Your Dog

small dog sitting in front of door on a brown HOME welcome mat

My mom can’t travel all winter — even though I would LOVE to!

So here are 5 fun dog-friendly activities to do with your humans, indoors and out, while staying home this winter.

#3. Read A Book — About Dogs

pretty woman with Yorkie dog sitting in front of the fireplace reading a book

January is National Book Month. I love to curl up by a toasty fire next to my humans while they read about me … I mean, dogs.

Check out these 5 good books that are “dog-heavy.” If you’re in the mood for heartwarming, uplifting, or funny — hey, that’s me! — we’ve got you covered.

#4. Practice Guard Dog Skills

beagle dog wearing a helmet guarding a wooden fence with broken barb-wire

Dogs can’t be lazy all winter. It’s not the “dog days of winter” after all. Sometimes you have to do your job — protect your humans, that is.

Watch this video to see some strange things about dogs protecting their humans. It sure surprised me!

#5. Host a Dog Sleep Over

4 friendly dogs sleeping together in separate doggy beds

And, last but not least, sometimes you just want to sleep with your friends … or sleep with new friends.

That’s what one dog in Wisconsin did on New Year’s Eve.

I’m not sure who’s more embarrassed — the watchdog or his new friend!

Well, there you go. A few fun ideas for dog-friendly things to do with your humans this winter.

I hope they keep us all out of trouble!

That’s it for me. Til next time!

Tucker — the Maltese

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