Everything about Dogs! Treats and Tails!

Come with us on our doggy adventures to find the best tasting food and treats, the fun toys, the best-fitting sweaters and everything that is focused on dogs.

Three dogs who are full of life and always looking for a fun toy or delicious treat live with us.

These are three spoiled little boys and we love them so. And they have a lot of toys… and a lot of sweaters.

three little dogs with sweaters

Pup parents are busy people and don’t always have the time to find the items that will make their furry best friend happy.

We understand this and designed our website as a one-stop source of information about pups that features pets, their treats and their toys.

We’ll be reviewing treats, food, accessories and of course sweaters! And letting you know where to get them.

Even some easy links for you to purchase once you and your dog has decided what is needed.

Tucker’s our spokesman and host. Follow him on his pup-ventures and come have fun with us.

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