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Product Review: Lamb Chop Plush Squeaky Dog Toy 3 Pack

Tuck the Maltese loves his lamb chop plush dog toys so much that they sometimes wear out. His regular one is a 10″ long lamb chop, but he also has a GIANT lamb chop (see him in the picture above).

He shares them with his pack brothers Wilson and Sammy. They play so hard with the toys, chasing, pulling, tossing, squeaking and often hauling them outside where they get left in the rain.

Poor things! The lamb chop can be thrown in the washing machine and dried, but they only last so long.

When it wears out, we have extras tucked away to bring out. The joy on the dogs’ faces when we present a new lamb chop is priceless.

Amazon has a three-pack of the 10″ lamb chop toys that gives you a price break compared with buying a single one. Let your dog try the lamb chop toys. They will have so much fun with them and so will you!