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Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast?

Product Review – The Puzzle Bowl

Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast?

Does your dog shake with anxiety when it is mealtime? Inhale his food and sometimes choke? Suffer from indigestion and bloat after gulping the food so fast?

Our dog experiences all of these. We were getting worried about his eating habits. We even had to perform the doggy Heimlich maneuver one day to help his choking! That was scary!

Some dogs eat like they will never get any food again, gulping it down to an empty bowl. This is concerning as the dog can choke or gag since it is eating so quickly.


h4>Modifying Eating Behavior

You can talk to your vet for tips about modifying the eating behavior. We did. Some suggestions included placing large balls or toys in the bowl as obstacles to make the dog eat around them. Another method is placing a smaller bowl upside down inside the larger bowl and pouring the food around it. The dog has to eat in the restricted space and takes smaller bites.

We looked at feeding alternatives for our dog. We found all kinds of food bowls that are designed to slow the dog’s eating speed. There are trick bowls where the dog had to push a lever to get food dispensed. There are timed bowls that release small amounts at a time. There are bowls with embedded pegs in the bowl hollow. So many options available!

The Puzzle Bowl Solution

The solution that we found is the Puzzle Bowl, which has a puzzle formation built in. The bowl’s shape forces the dog to slow their eating pace and search for the next bite. Puzzle bowls effectively push the dog to be more deliberate and “find” each piece of food within the puzzle. This activity makes the dog slow down its eating pace and helps prevent gulping. Overall, the bowl helps create a calmer and healthier way of eating.

There are many puzzle bowls on the market, but this is the one that we got from Amazon.

Puzzle Bowl will help slow dog eating

We are very pleased with the performance of the bowl, and our dog is healthier from using it.

Our dog is still anxious around mealtime. He shakes while waiting for the food to be put down for him to eat, and tries to inhale all of it.

But, now he has to slow down to search for every piece of food. He often finishes his dinner after the other two dogs who are way slower eaters than he is.

Win Win!