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The Cutest Shelter Pup? Meet Tuck the Maltese

The Cutest Pup at the Shelter? Intro to Tuck the Maltese


A human’s blood pressure instantly decreases when petting a dog. And so does the dog’s. This must mean I am REALLY good at keeping Mom and Dad heart-healthy and relaxed… Ha, right!

Who am I?

Hi friends! My name is Tucker, Tuck for short. I am a rescue Maltese/Havanese/spotty dog, originally from San Diego, CA but currently residing in Seattle, WA. And boy, do I loooooooove life! Mom calls me Goofball, Dad calls me Monkey, both are totally applicable!

I am a crazy, happy, hyper, photogenic, silly, sweet, and oh-so-loving little boy, ready to go on any adventure that Humans want to take me on. And I love sharing these adventures with everyone else. Mom and Dad are always laughing at me, and we wanted to share my shenanigans with you so you could enjoy them and be happy too!

Why us?

We want to share fun facts, tidbits, advice, reviews of products we love, and more, all so you can have more knowledge and background on living the perfect life as a dog.

Mom has lots of experience raising pups, including me and two other pack-mates named Wilson and Sammy. Mom has TONS of relevant and current information on what toys are going to last the most intense tug-o-war contests, what works best for allergies and sensitive skin, what to feed the picky tummies, which sweaters are true to size and won’t unravel or pill, and so much more!

We also go on LOTS of outings, and we want to share tips and trade secrets on how to have the best time out with your furry friends!



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